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Sath Identity Hub enables Identity Management System administrators, managers and power users to easily collect and manage  applications, target systems, entitlements user and access information, in a central location.  It provides an intelligent, intuitive and easy to use Identity Management framework to on-board new applications, reconcile users from target systems manage notification templates.

The Sath Identity Hub is a solution that provides a single platform to manage application lifecycle for different IDM systems.  It simplifies migration and upgrading of IDM systems by eliminating a capital-intensive, time and resource consuming project.  This hybrid IDM environment may be in place for multiple years.  The Sath Identity Hub is the critical facilitator in migrating IDM solutions to the cloud.

With this solution, business users can on-board new applications, entitlements, roles, and business rules.  No technical expertise is required to use or on-board an application.  A simplified user interface greatly increases adoption and turnaround time for on-boarding new applications.  Using the solution, applications can be migrated from one IDM system to another.  The Sath Identity Hub significantly reduces the time of a IDM migration or upgrade.

With Identity Manager solutions, you can make sure that your business is able to benefit from the most current application and user identity information.  You can retain control at the enterprise level by managing, provisioning, and de-provisioning identities within the firewall and extending to the cloud.  Through streamlined user administration and processes, Identity Hub helps organizations reduce management costs, increase productivity and security, and comply with government regulations.

Identity Hub integrates with modern on premise and cloud Identity Systems.  It integrates with existing systems using native API's and data interfaces. Identity Hub current version includes the following modules:

AIMS: Application Instance Management System

This module enables IT security analysts to model and prepare application metadata which after review is uploaded into Identity Management System. Using this module, applications, target systems, entitlements and roles can be on boarded in matter of minutes without needing any technical specialization.

GURP: Unified Reconciliation Process

This module enables system administrators of customer systems to fetch account profiles, and permissions and publish them to the Identity Management system. This provides a self service interface where the reconciliation templates are generated dynamically from the target system configurations.  The system administrators upload populated CSV files using a web interface and receive immediate feedback on the validity of the data and the reconciliation results.

SUNS: Simple Unified Notification System

This module enables IDM administrators to easily configure and apply templates to outbound notifications from Identity Management Systems.  It accepts the outgoing SMTP messages from the Identity Management System, applies templates and forwards it to the recipient.  Using SUNS, a business analyst can prepare and modify templates with a WYSIWYG interface without needing to write any code.

SPOG: Single Pane Of Glass

Simple Request and Approvals Brokerage to connected Identity Management Systems. This module allows end users to initiate access requests to multiple downstream IDM systems. An end user is able to search items from a catalog and request it. The approval and task related to such requests are available for approving and performing users without having to go into separate Identity Management Systems.

RAD: Reports and Dashboards

Identity Management, User Lifecycle, Application Lifecycle reports. Utilization dashboards. Audit Reports, System Status and monitoring reports.

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